The conservative restoration intervention executed by Welldom allowed to recover Ca’ Spineda in its entirety. The spirit of the project, aimed at maintaining the original character of the house, combining it with innovative construction solutions inspired by the environmental sustainability principle, led to maintain, where possible, all the existing wall finishes, intervening only in case they need a remake or an extension. Welldom worked only with high quality natural materials, selected with particular attention to their compatibility with the guiding principles of the entire intervention. All the housing proposals include innovative technological components to combine fundamental needs, such as safety and privacy, energy saving and comfort, the pleasure of living the house and its complete healthiness. Thanks to this union between technological innovation and respect for the house history, the intervention of Ca’ Spineda is absolutely exclusive.

Thermal systems

An “intelligent” building equipped with technology systems realized according to the most advanced principles of domotics and automation. The electrical systems have been realized with “bus” technology which allows to integrate the various functions of automation, facilitating the possible subsequent configurations and the system, connected with a local telephone exchange, is easily remotely manageable. The independent alarm system is able to inform via sms of possible intrusions or anomalies. The control of the room temperature allows to set the heating system in different modes: “comfort”, “eco” for the saving optimization, “antifreeze” or also stop mode, guaranteeing for each one of them a simple and effective planning. It is possible to set the system for the automatic switching off of possible lights left on, the closing of all the curtains and the switching on of “eco” or “antifreeze” program for the heating.The vacuum cleaner system is also centralized: three groups of cyclone separators for dust collection with self-cleaning system guarantee an efficient service in every corner, from the common areas to the garage.