Ca’ Spineda is located in a beautiful position, at the foot of Montello. On the front, on the south, there is the wonderful countryside of the high plain of Treviso, whereas on the north, on the back, there is immediately the “Stradone del Bosco”, where the Brentella canal flows and from where the Montello begins.
The property extends overall on 2.650 square meters, divided in this way: the area of the structure is 250 square meters; the garden and the private space within the gates is 1800 square meters; the space within the gates is 600 square meters, partly used as a parking lot and partly occupied by the ramp that leads to the underground garages.
The access to the property is provided through an alley which is about 80 meters long and 7 meters wide, tree-lined with 13 Celtis Australis (European nettle tree). A passage at the back of the house connects the property with the “Stradone del Bosco” and the two entrances are connected by a private cycle and pedestrian path.
The restoration of Ca’ Spineda includes the renovation of the exterior of the villa, fully usable by the residents. Therefore there is the tree-lined alley that gives access to the property, the ramp that leads to the garages, the cycle and pedestrian path, the cobbled yard and the lawn. Maples, boxes and wild roses are only some of the plants that decorate the garden.
Ideally the marvelous gardens blend with the “sweet” woods of Montello surrounding the house with its docile, quiet and enchanting character of trees and plants, with water flows and trails, with winding streets and roads that twist and turn, but are never too dangerous, to accompany anyone who wants to take a walk among its welcoming arms. The itinerary of the “Stradone del Bosco” easily leads also the most lazy ones to discover a historical and naturalistic, but also gastronomic, path, unique of its kind, that goes from Crocetta del Montello to Nervesa della Battaglia. Ca’ Spineda returns therefore to be an authentic countryside villa, located in an environment with lush vegetation and unique historical richness, but equipped with all the comforts and close to the city center.