An ancient manor house built in 1560 by the noble family of Treviso, Spineda De Cattaneis. The architecture of the house is the same of the typical patrician country house of Veneto. Ca’ Spineda has a gorgeous location at the foot of Montello. The wood behind contributes to highlight the facade.
Casa Spineda was probably built on the area of a previous building of the late XVI century, considered, according to the documentation, the first settlement of the noble family of Treviso in the Montello area.
Subsequently in the documents there is the name of Marcantonio Spineda De Cattaneis, who in 1753 built, nearby, based on a project of the architect Francesco Maria Preti of Castelfranco, his new residence of Venegazzù.
The family remained owner of the area until 1905, when the house was sold by the countess Matilde Rigato Spineda to the family of Gio Batta Dall’Armi.
In 1931, then, the complex was given to the Solagna family.