Ca' Spineda

Thanks to the harmonious structure and the peculiarity of the green building conservative restoration led by Welldom, inspired by the principle of kalos kai agathos (beautiful and good), Ca’ Spineda respects the standards of the ideal house, according to an unique holistic concept that considers building construction, design, architecture, interior design, lighting, as part of a single, harmonious ensemble.
It was Francesco Maria Preti, inspired by the Schola Riccatiana of Castelfranco Veneto, theorist of the “Laws of Harmonic Proportion”, to define a concept of beauty and of absolute and universal harmony, based on the connection between architecture, mathematics and music, inspired by the classical Greek philosophy, since: “the same consonances that delight the ear, delight also the vision”.
The conservative restoration allowed to recover Ca’ Spineda in its entirety, with full respect for the history and, at the same time, to provide the residential units, in addition to offices, with luxurious finishes and with the highest level of living comfort. Welldom used materials derived exclusively from nature, high-efficiency plants that guarantee an energy saving of more than 30% compared to the traditional ones, the latest generation of home automation solutions.


Welldom deals with the design, construction, engineering and analysis of the environmental and energetic sustainability, both for new realizations and restoration works. The ideal house must be nice, but most of all it must make us feel good, transmitting to us, in many respects, positive physical and sensory perceptions. An ecosystem that extends beyond the household, customized in harmony with the outside, according to our demands and necessities. Following this philosophy, the Welldom method is an holistic process aimed at optimizing the performances of all the materials and the technologies in favor of the energy and sustainable impact of the house, of the aesthetic rendering and of the comfort, of the wellbeing and of the psychophysical balance of who lives there, that integrates architecture, design and engineering within the same virtuous process.

ReBuild 2014 Award